Executive Committee

Executive Committee Members

The NAPFCP has up to 10 executive committee members who have been nominated from the membership.  The association has a Chairman,  to two Vice Chairman and up to seven other committee members with the total number of members not exceeding ten.

The Executive Committee has invited other experienced panel members to assist the association in its work stream programmes and to help provide a wider perspective of the operation of panels.  These members have been invited onto the executive committee as Observers.

The Association’s support is provided by Emma Tombs – Essex County Council

Executive Committee Members

Chairman – John Gili-Ross Co-opted Member Essex PFCP
Vice Chairman – Cllr Stuart Sansome South Yorkshire PCP






Evan Morris
Vice Chairman – Evan Morris MBE, Chairman & Co-opted Member Cheshire  PCP
Cllr Gill Mercer – Chairman Northamptonshire PFCP





Barry Young
Cllr Barry Young – Lincolnshire PCP
Cllr Mohammed Iqbal – Chairman West Yorkshire PCP
Cllr Joyce  Welsh – South Tyneside PCP
Suma Harding – Co-opted Member Nottinghamshire PCP
Pat Astbury Chairman North Wales PCP
Cllr Ged Potter Vice Chairman Derby PCP
Cllr Siobhan Monaghan Chairman Hertfordshire PCP
Cllr Siobhan Monaghan
Chairman Hertfordshire PCP – Observer
Prof Ian Roffe Vice Chairman Dyfed Powys PCP – Observer