Key Lines of Enquiry

Key Lines of Enquiry

From time to time questions and queries arise which impact the scrutiny function of Panels.  This page helps to capture some topical Key Lines of Enquiries which are intended to help Panels undertake effective Challenge & Support of Police & Crime Commissioners.

Topical KLE’s appear below.

Emergency Network Service – Project Funding and Financial Impact

For greater understanding and clarity read the article written by Evan Morris MBE – Chairman of the Cheshire Police & Crime Panel.  This article was published in the Policing Insight online magazine

Cutting through the smoke and mirrors of the Emergency Service Network

Reliable and effective communications are a hugely important requirement of the emergency services. They are vital to the effective operation and safety of police, fire and emergency ambulance crews who every day face life or death situations and decision making. When I attended a recent Cheshire Police Management Board meeting, I was alerted to a very significant issue which by and large has been under the radar of Police and Crime Panels (PCP), that of the Airwave replacement, The Emergency Service Network (ESN). It was stated at that meeting that effectively the Cheshire Council Tax payer is subsidising a failing Home Office project and that current Police communications equipment is becoming in effect “not fit for purpose and only surviving with sticking plaster”